Lynne Taggart

Voilā with Lynne Taggart

Voilā personal mentorship helps women who are leaders and high achievers discover true meaning in a sometimes shallow world of meaninglessness.



Since ancient times we as spiritual and physical beings have a simple need to understand ourselves, our own individual power and our source of energy.

Acknowledging and seeing our own internal light and identifying the deep well of our dynamic energy source means we return to the origin of who we are as people of light.

This connection enables us to feel whole, to know who we are and to allow our light to radiate out into the World.



Explore your own buried potential by peeling back the layers of those things that cloud judgement and understanding bringing clarity, direction, strength and the ability to see clearly. Taking you on a journey of deep knowing leading to self healing.



Lynne helps individuals set themselves internally free from emotional baggage, the stress of material wealth and being trapped by their environment.

She builds relationships of depth and intimacy and draws on a deep and powerful personal well of positive energy to illuminate their lives giving them a new perspective on their outer world bringing healing to what’s within.

I don’t have the answers, you do and the only solution is your solution.”



A safe and powerful window into the deep knowledge of your energy source. Awakening you to the power of your own internal light.

Focused on releasing your inner self to a new place of renewed understanding and empowerment.

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Arrange a consultation

Voilā offers discreet, personal mentorship online and in person – for women who are leaders and high achievers looking to discover their own ‘gateway to freedom’.

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Working with Lynne was one of the most transformational experiences of my life. She opened my eyes to what I didn’t see was holding me back from what I truly desired.

Cassie Howard

My connection to my inner being is stronger, allowing me to feel more confident, more joyful and more satisfied.

Cynthia Dovell

Lynne’s work is profound and is the perfect compliment in my life and business. As a woman immersed in the coaching world I see Lynne as the jewel in the crowd.

Nancy Lipman

Lynne is an incredible healer and coach. She is able to tap into your magic and bring out the best parts of you that you may not be able to see yet. It is fully safe to shine with her.

Kimberly Rose Pendleton
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