Lynne Taggart

Lynne's story

Lynne’s is a story of gifting - a deep knowing of her inner self allows for insight, understanding and transformation in others. Uncovering a precious well of energy and light.


Lynne Taggart is a mother of two children married and living in Ireland. From a young age Lynne has been spiritually curious, a seeker and a high achiever.

She graduated with a BA Hons business degree and entered the fashion industry as a buyer and retail manager, travelling and living life to the fullest.

After following her heart, she opened a fashion retail shop at a young age, in her hometown. As much as she loved this business, there was a void deep within her and a spiritual awakening calling her to something more fulfilling.

Determined to heal herself and live fully in her potential, Lynne’s focus shifted towards transforming herself on all dimensions. Lynne’s online coaching business began in 2015, where she served women worldwide to create their own spiritual connection through meaningful life and business.


With a passion for uplifting women’s lives and businesses, Lynne’s primary clients are thought-leaders that desire to become more conscious, have greater spiritual connection and desire to expand their energy through healing, so they fully engage with the Universe.

After working with many clients Lynne found that while there could easily be a reframe of the mind, answers to how to heal the energetic blockages holding women back from living a life of joy, freedom and abundance were lacking.

Today, as the CEO of her own holistic brand, Lynne offers Voilà high end Personal Mentorship helping incredible leaders to reclaim their power, access their energetic potential and master their emotions so that they can know more intimately who they are, why they are here and live in absolute joy and freedom.

Participating in numerous advanced courses, private trainings and retreats over the last decade, Lynne has been coached by world class mentors to reach a deeper level with her work.

Her unique methods of applying conscious awareness, emotional management, energy alignment and spiritual connectedness form the basis of her unconventional healing mentorship.

Her inspirational teachers have included Gabby Bernstein, Abraham Hicks, Louise Hay and Dr Wayne Dyer.

I was born to do this, it feels like a deep soul calling to help others.”

Lynne Taggart
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Apply For Voilà

Voilā offers discreet personal mentorship online by invitation only. To express your interest please send an email using the link below. We aim to respond within 24 hours.


"Working with Lynne was one of the most transformational experiences of my life. She opened my eyes to what I didn’t see was holding me back from what I truly desired. I always felt safe, loved, and important. If you have the opportunity to work with her, don’t hesitate!"

Cassie Howard

"Working with Lynne has been transformational. I’ve transitioned to living in a higher frequency. My connection to my inner being is stronger, allowing me to feel more confident, more joyful and more satisfied. And, my ability to maintain my feelings of satisfaction and joy are so much stronger, no matter what comes up in life."

Cynthia Dovell

"Lynne’s work is profound and is the perfect compliment in my life and business. As a woman immersed in the coaching world I see Lynne as the jewel in the crowd. Amplifying energy and helping me transcend into my higher self during and after every session. I feel empowered, clear and wealthier than ever before. I will always desire Lynne on my team as I evolve in life and business."

Nancy Lipman

"Lynne is an incredible healer and coach. She is able to tap into your magic and bring out the best parts of you that you may not be able to see yet. It is fully safe to shine with her."

Kimberly Rose Pendleton