Lynne Taggart

My Story

"My Story Is Such a Gift. A Deep Journey Into Myself That's Brought Me An Understanding Of Myself, My Wholeness, My Innate Power and My Fullest Potential - In Any Given Moment"


Lynne Taggart is a mother of two, married and living in Northern Ireland. From a young age Lynne has been spiritually curious, a constant seeker and a high achiever.

She graduated with a BA Hons Business Degree and entered the fashion industry as a buyer and retail manager for an independent global retailer.

Despite an incredible career Lynne saw opportunity for herself in the fashion retail industry, and decided to quit her job, follow her heart and open a fashion retail shop at a young age, in her hometown.

Lynne ran a successful retail and online business for 8 years, giving her invaluable experience, growth and insight into entrepreneurship.

As much as she loved this business, there was a void deep within her, calling her into more.

"I had everything I thought I wanted. Yet I felt a deep disconnect. I had anxiety most days, a burning ball in the pit of my stomach. I intuitively Googled 'how to meditate' and began a wild personal development journey"

Determined to discover who she was and to live fully in her potential, Lynne’s focus shifted towards transforming herself on all dimensions.

Lynne’s search for her next career move led her to launch an online mentorship business in 2015, where she served entrepreneurial women globally, mentoring them on everything from mindset, to emotional mastery, to spirituality, healing and business growth.


Having worked with many clients Lynne felt that mindset work and reflective inner work just wasn't enough to shift how women felt deep within themselves.

After searching for many years for modalities and practices that would solve the problems she was familiar with, Lynne forged her own path.

As the CEO of her own holistic company, Lynne offers energy clearing and healing to high achievers across the globe to journey deep within themselves and cultivate personal expansion for greater success.

Lynne has ten years experience studying, practicing and living in a way that has added incredible growth, leadership and power to her life personally and professionally.

With a global following of over 10,000 she is highly revered in this field and is one of the only women in Europe to offer this work.

Her brand is currently featured in the Tatler Address Book, global publications including Goss Magazine, numerous podcasts and guest interviews.

Lynne’s mission is to awaken high achievers to their absolute fullest potential.

Most Women Have Barely Even Scratched The Surface When It Comes To Who They Are & Why They Are Here

Lynne Taggart

"Lynne’s work is profound and is the perfect compliment in my life and business. As a woman immersed in the coaching world I see Lynne as the jewel in the crowd. Amplifying energy and helping me transcend into my higher self during and after every session. I feel empowered, clear and wealthier than ever before. I will always desire Lynne on my team as I evolve in life and business."

Nancy Lipman

"Lynne is an incredible healer and coach. She is able to tap into your magic and bring out the best parts of you that you may not be able to see yet. It is fully safe to shine with her."

Kimberly Rose Pendleton