Lynne Taggart

Journal – Work

Why Voilà?


Born from life’s experience, Lynne developed the context of Voilà to offer women a pathway to their own freedom. Offering a holistic approach to self journeying, this mentorship helps women discover aspects of themselves that live deep within.

The concept of wholeness mentorship is Lynne’s modality that uses aspects of self to connect and help women intuitively feel more complete. True wholeness transcends wellbeing. Women leave Lynne’s sessions feeling complete, often for the first time in years.

Voilà supports you in life and business or career. It’s a gentle harmonising of the areas that need attention and awareness without compromising any one area.

Lynne sees her clients as the pivotal point for change and creation. She helps them take control, through self power and courage, to master their inner worlds that lead to freedom.

Her clients regain their innate wisdom, knowing and guidance no matter what they’ve encountered in life. This gives them a vital foundation on which to achieve more than ever before, consistently and with less effort.

More than coaching. Lynne works as a highly conscious channel to receive guidance on what her client’s energetic needs are in the moment to invoke flow. She will compassionately lead someone down the path to self-realisation so that they can begin to affect transformation in and around them.

Voilà is a prescriptive mentorship, holistically tailored to suit individual needs and circumstances.

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