Lynne Taggart

Journal – Healing

What is Wealth Trauma?


For many years, I’ve been helping women with deeply embedded wounds that are, at their root, due to Wealth Trauma.

Most women did NOT know they had this or that it was even a thing.

Note, as a highly conscious healer, I’m picking up on what’s largely unconscious. And I’m doing this safely.

Wealth Trauma is trauma that is directly or indirectly created from having, acquiring, or being around wealth, either growing up, in the past, or in the present.

It shows up as some or all of the following:

  • Feeling burdened by wealth. Whether inherited, self-made or generational, wealth feels heavy in your body. It feels like a huge responsibility and comes at an emotional cost.

  • Sabotaging yourself over and over again through things like emotional eating, too much alcohol, lack of self love, anxiety, burnout etc., and not fully understanding WHY.

  • Difficulty receiving true love, joy, and inner peace. Pushing people and opportunities away in efforts to make yourself feel better.

  • Resisting your path of most joy, fulfillment, or bliss because it doesn’t feel SAFE for you to do so.

  • Never feeling your innate wholeness, despite hitting all markers of personal success. This is also difficult for you to admit.

  • Wanting to hide behind closed doors due to an overwhelming sense of ‘it’s all too much.'

  • Attracting people and circumstances that mirror your unhealed Wealth Trauma, over and over.

  • Plus many more patterns, beliefs, narratives and realities that play out in various ways.

The great news is that I can heal your Wealth Trauma so that you can finally feel your true inner wholeness, allowing wealth and freedom to harmoniously coexist.

I use the word trauma softly, because trauma doesn’t always scream. It’s often repressed, hidden away in the depths of our being. And when it’s passed down through generations it can be simply seen as normal.

But with so many women awakening and choosing a conscious path, they are being called into higher awareness and being invited forward to heal what wasn’t ever healed.

This is what I call ‘the invitation,' to heal what’s never been healed and to unearth the roots of these wounds so that you are the one who ends this cycle. When you can end a generational cycle, you close the energy of it being passed down through your descendents.

Here are some signs that you have generational Wealth Trauma:

  • You struggle with the same issues around wealth that your parents and grandparents did.

  • You see repeating family patterns happening, not just with wealth, but with love and other areas.

  • You watched the generations before you sabotage themselves internally and never fully feel inner freedom.

  • Your family and you have a codependent relationship with wealth and are energetically attached to it.

  • Wealth feels heavy and more like a burden most of the time.

  • There’s friction, arguments, or family breakups caused by wealth that have never been healed.

Of course not all Wealth Trauma is generational. It can also be the path that your soul chose to come into this life to learn. With no pattern or logical explanation.

I feel strongly that it’s now time for more women to heal the roots of their wounds so this cycle gets disrupted for good.

Wealth Trauma also occurs when wealth is acquired through family, inheritance, marriage, financial success, or unexpected channels. Whilst it provides massive freedom, there is always internal work to be done, to support the woman to feel whole within herself.

The following are common signs that beneath the surface, Wealth Trauma exists:

  • Emotional highs and lows that are difficult to navigate and understand.

  • Feelings of deep unworthiness that cause physical, emotional or spiritual pain.

  • Wanting to escape everyday life through food, alcohol, etc.

  • A deep sense of loss or numbness that shows a lack of true soul purpose and life direction.

  • Going through a soul rebirth where someone wants to let go of everything and start again, searching for resolution and peace.

  • Pushing away opportunities, people, or invitations and resisting flow in life.

  • Chasing paths and destinies that don’t bring complete satisfaction.

  • Attracting people and circumstances that mirror back unhealed aspects of the self.

If any of this resonates with you, please know you’re not alone and there’s healing that can support you to feel total inner freedom and wholeness.

Reach out to me if you’re ready for Wealth Trauma Healing here.