Lynne Taggart

Journal – Work

Voilà Yourself


I developed Voilà as a means to bring women into their own whole-being so they could live their most free and joyful life. As an overachiever, entrepreneur and busy mom, I strived to get away from the ‘do more’ mentality that was sweeping the World. No matter what markers of success I achieved, I was still feeling a void inside that was frankly draining.

Having invested in high-level global mentors and teachers to facilitate my healing and growth, I still desired a deeper space where I could fully transform. The more I followed this knowing and continued to heal, I was guided to offer women this exact space so they too could experience a taste of their own inner magic.

As a woman, I had fears of letting my guard down and being emotional and powerful. Stigmas like “What would others say?” and “Who am I to do this work?” were prevalent thoughts and concerns. I held a lot of resentment towards life, the World and circumstances, often feeling it was me against everything. Life was a constant battle. The turning point was deciding I was worth so much more and claiming my place as a powerful woman.

This meant giving up many rights. Granted, these were misaligned rights and inherited rights that had been passed down through generations. The more aligned I became with my truth, following my desires and letting go of illusions, the easier it was to maintain my true power. I began to feel the wholeness of my inner being and the magic that was all around me. I had literally unlocked myself.

The years spent looking outside of myself for solutions were wasted energetic leaks that I focused on eradicating. My freedom felt like it had returned and I’ve never looked back. I had the profound realisation that energetic frequency is at the epicentre of everything and I made this my focus. The shifts were quantum leaps and years of anxious emotions slowly dissipated.

I desire the same, if not more, for all of my clients. To find their inner freedom. To take back their power. To feel emotionally connected to life and living in joy. This is why I created Voilà, a cocoon of transformation awaits.