Lynne Taggart

Journal – Energy

This One Thing Could Shift Everything


I’m giving you permission to shift into pure desire.

Women are divine oracles with SO much more power than they know how to access.

Women are born to flow, to surrender, to orient back to source, to be soft, intuitive, self-renewing, to remember, to be mysterious, to melt into life and to RECEIVE MORE than ever before.

So why is this not normal? Why does it feel beyond arduous to shift away from wearing a ‘busy’ badge of honor or to admit that hustle is actually exhausting?

Is it because being the over-achiever in school, at work or in the home was a programming hardwired into the belief system we carry?

I know that growing up I watched my parents work hard and rest only on the sabbath. We became sheep, following the herd and daring not to do what wasn’t expected of us.

The harder you worked, the better your results at school, the better education you qualified for, the bigger the pat on the back. Which all equated to conditional love. Mine was, the better I do at school, the more my parents will love me.

Comparison was everywhere. It was literally a game to see who could outdo someone else. Even writing about this I feel my energy contract.

As a grown woman, I carried forward these outdated programs until I became strong enough to question them.

What gave me this newly found power?

I would say looking back it wasn’t just one thing. But a combination of need and desire.

Due to feeling anxious all the time, I Googled ‘how to meditate’. This started my spiritual journey, diving into daily meditation to help ease anxiety, and savoring all the self-help books, videos and mentors I could find.

This helped me to realise and have awareness of what beliefs were playing out in my life, then begin to shed many layers of old beliefs that I’d unconsciously carried for years.

I became hyper-aware of myself and intentionally began healing through the layers of wounds that said ‘I wasn’t good enough.’

I literally began to question everything in and around me, and I was gaining higher awareness known as consciousness.

As my energetic frequency naturally shifted, I saw a world where old beliefs and energies could no longer survive if I wasn’t feeding them. And as I consciously chose to stop giving them my energy, they slowly dissipated, allowing me to feel more of my truth. At the beginning of this journey, I had no idea who I was. It honestly felt like an illness.

With this heightened consciousness, I began to receive visions of myself as a powerful sovereign Queen, sitting in her throne, held in her own energy. I saw people visit her for permission or approval. She was in her own authority. This vision was majestic, all-knowing, absolute truth, and unconditional love.

She wasn’t burnt-out, exhausted, or afraid to fail. She wasn’t seeking approval, scared to slow down, or relating her worth to her success.

She held herself.

This vision changed my World. I allowed this divine feminine energy to fuel my thoughts and beliefs with the focus to shift my energy towards the feminine way of being.

This higher self-energy carried me through the most difficult times in my growth where I would find myself defaulting back to old hustle energies and contracting my energy. Mirrored through emotions like resentment, frustration, or overwhelm.

This isn’t to say I no longer work hard, I do, but the energy is completely different.

I choose to work hard from feminine energy, not masculine wounds, which in turn attracts a different vibrational result.

I encourage you to play with both energies and find your own sweet spot where the pendulum naturally swings between both, without a chaotic imbalance.

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