Lynne Taggart

Journal – Work

The Voilà Brand and the Flamingo


First of all, I can’t take any of the credit for this brand concept because my amazing creative designer came up with it during our initial brand development phase.

After many meetings and creative sessions, we had already decided on the Lynne Taggart aesthetic and the name Voilà as a sub-brand, meaning “Behold; there it is; there you are.”

“Used to call attention, to express satisfaction or approval, or to suggest an appearance as if by magic.”

Voilà captured the essence of the level of personal mentorship that I offer, illusive, powerful and almost magical.

My designer cleverly ‘upgraded’ the grave accent on the 'a' of Voilà, with a smile, meaning happy inside.

Then came the flamingo. When I first saw it, honestly I thought it was completely eccentric but I also fell in love with the powerful visual. It had a certain appeal that I couldn’t quite comprehend.

From a design perspective, it helped to elevate and add a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the Lynne Taggart brand. We had discussed in depth the type of client I wanted my brand to appeal to and the brand aesthetic I desired to emanate.

But I had to also make sure that it felt energetically aligned with my vision and what I felt the energy of Voilà was all about. 

I loved the spiritual and physical properties of this majestic animal which mirror many aspects of the work I do with clients inside the Voilà container. I came to the realisation that the flamingo was absolutely aligned and the Voilà brand with the flamingo was born.

First of all, she’s SO beautiful, pink and vibrant in colour, she oozes feminine grace, beauty and healing. The more I help women to undo masculine outdated habits, the more the natural feminine traits come back to life and healing naturally occurs.

The flamingo’s stature is grand, she stands out, is tall above the rest, is not afraid to be seen and is a powerful spiritual emblem of allowing more fun, joy and beauty in life. A reminder that success is important, being a leader is an incredible achievement revered by the highest entities, and women are innately worthy of living beautiful lives that bring them immense joy - not just fleeting moments.

She holds powerful Earth and Air elements, flying between water and sky, symbolising the physical human and spiritual journey that brings us back into our power.

She represents the balance of yin and yang, feminine and masculine energies and the harmonising of emotions to provoke healing of emotions.

The fact that she stands mostly on one leg and therefore appears deeply present and almost effortless, alludes to powerful feminine energy and connection, exactly what I empower women to embody more of in their life.

The flamingo brings inner, heart-led healing and restores peace in the family, people, and relationships.

Any area that causes many women to lose their power and to outwardly leak their energy to please others, to avoid judgement, or to stay confined to pain and suffering.

In summary, the flamingo is the perfect archetype, that is outwardly eye-catching and spiritually empowering to women leaders and high achievers seeking personal mentorship.

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