Lynne Taggart

Journal – Healing

The Power of Healing


Healing is one of the most organic experiences I’ve ever witnessed. It can’t be rushed, forced or made to happen. It isn’t just for people who’ve experienced a catastrophic life event.

For me, healing was complimentary. Nothing was broken or lost. At first, I felt guilty that nothing major had happened then I realised that healing was a powerful invitation to understand myself in different ways.

It allowed me to add value to my World, my soul journey and my spiritual connection.

It became the practice through which I would observe myself more profoundly and choose to eradicate limiting beliefs, stories and habits. It gave me a context to expand my energy even more.

Something I love to share with my clients is that something heals when you’re ready to heal it.

Often there are multiple layers to clear and clients know when it’s time to completely close a chapter of healing. There is an element of trust and blind faith in healing work.

Healing is a harmony of readiness, willingness and ability to heal which allows energy to shift. It’s so subtle you may not even know it at the moment. But slowly, your outer world will reflect back to you how you have healed.

Your reality shifts to match the increased energy that you hold, through healing the areas that have felt heavy, hard or like a struggle.

I know for me, healing has brought an immense sense of peace, unexplainable enlightenment, and moments of bliss.

Heavy negative emotions that tortured me repeatedly, like anger, frustration and resentment have been released due to healing. I’ve been able to feel more without being afraid of being too powerful, which was a huge fear I felt spiritually burdened with.

Generational patterns of struggle, hardship and lack of consciousness have dissipated as I’ve embraced my highest vision of empowering more women with the gift of healing.

Healing sprinkles a kind of magic dust on those around you, should you choose to embrace healing as part of your practice.