Lynne Taggart

Journal – Healing

The Number One Reason That You May Not Love Your Life


I’m SO in love with my life right now at this moment.

The number one reason that you may not LOVE your life or business boils down to this one thing;

You’re working from your 4% that is human, completely ignoring the other 96% of you that is energy and unmanifested.

When you try to push or force things to change from this part of you, nothing is able to change. Like attracts like and so what you attract will be more of the same. This is where many people feel stuck and frustrated with their life.

This energy creates unconscious victimisation, competition, judgement, jealousy and other low-frequency emotions.

I feel so in love with my life, my business and my world because I create from what is yet to be manifested. The 96% beyond my human self, that is my energy.

Having been in a low-frequency position, I realised I was recreating the same scenarios, which no longer felt in alignment with my highest vision.

I took steps to change this by doing deep inner work. I now live and work with my multi-dimensions. Call this the spiritual realm, the quantum field, the Universe or God - whatever works for you.

Every single day I’m creating from the other dimensions, from the 96%, that is my energy field, my energetic state and being.

I’m expanding my energy.

I’m working with my energy.

I’m living life from the state of energy that I embody.

Inside Voilà which is my signature private offering for personal mentorship, we do this work.

I help you to connect, to clear what’s in the way energetically, to embody and really tap into what is your fullest possibility of the life and business you want to create.

Often the human mind can’t create a future big enough because it is so limited by the past.

If you continue to do the same things every single day, as a human operating from the 4%, nothing changes, therefore everything stays the same 

This is why women come to me and they want to hit their next level or say, I want to work with more powerful clients, I want to raise my prices or I want to be working with a particular type of client and I haven't been able to attract her yet.

It’s because they're trying to do it from their human, the 4%, matter trying to change matter. Limited by their past and the habitual programs their mind and body believes.

The rest of you, the energetic part of you that when you're able to tap into, will give you information, will give you a knowing and innate wisdom that is already part of your soul.

You came here to unlearn so that you could learn. Truth, wholeness, abundance and infinite joy.

You came here not just to be good at something, acquire things and achieve more, but to master yourself.

Mastering yourself means putting yourself beyond your past, detaching from emotions, healing your heart and opening up to create with the flow of divine infinite source energy.

Your life and your business will change because you show up for yourself and live only from your fullest potential.