Lynne Taggart

Journal – Energy

Take Time Away From Everything


The reason why we heal, clear energy and release resistance is ultimately so that we can live our most fulfilled happy life.

Or is it? Perhaps you believe this to be true for others but less so for you.

Maybe you’re waiting for the perfect time to step into this great vision you’re holding?

Or for everything to be fully aligned, before you commit to feeling high-frequency emotions as your divinity.

It’s easy to be right in the depths of your inner vocation and to let your ability to have fun, lots of joy and more freedom, fall to the wayside.

I always encourage my clients to have time off. Completely off, away from their normal routine, especially if this is also your business, serving others. And this includes any role where you serve others, parenting, partnering, marriage, caregiving, homemaking and so on.

You being at your best, feeling higher frequency emotions and consciously living life, is ultimately why people buy from you or want to be around your energy more often.

Yes, they want your valued support but they feel more inspired by who you are when you’re fully living life and having the most joy ever - than when you’re deep in your energetic practice, healing or ignoring your truest desires.

My company goes through more growth organically when I’m creating magic, memories and having fun.

I’ve seen this time and time again for myself.

When I travel, whether it’s flying across the Atlantic, staying in Ireland at a luxurious venue or hiring a boat on the lakes, my energy naturally shifts into feeling free.

When I ditch my daily routine and do something spontaneous, an adventure with the kids, a day on the beach, a sunset picnic with Prosecco or host a party for someone else, my energy feels relaxed and blissful.

When I selfishly take myself off on a solo retreat in a five-star hotel suite, with a river view, book the signature spa treatment, order room service, have an in-room facial and long baths, my energy feels fully nurtured and in my feminine happy place.

I’ve witnessed this for clients when they retreat, travel, adventure, relax or do something radically joyful for themselves.

They feel like they’re truly living life, rather than life living them.

All of this is why I felt compelled to offer Voilà Retreats, either virtually or in-person in Ireland.

Voilà Retreats are intentionally designed to connect you to all of your inner magic, to bring clarity, empowerment and self-awareness. You will leave feeling spiritually, emotionally and energetically nourished so that life feels better than ever.

To find out more about Voilà Retreats, email