Lynne Taggart

Journal – Work

Reclaim Your Power, Own Your Desires, Receive More


Last month I hosted the incredible Heiress program teaching women how to receive.

I dived deep into the energetics of receiving, money, love, things…whatever your heart desires.

As a woman, I firmly believe that desires grow in your heart to nourish you and to bring you into greater energetic frequency so you attract more and more with ease.

Leaving behind the masculine paradigms that create illusionary glass ceilings on how much you can receive, when and how.

Over decades and lifetimes you’ve unconsciously internalised these feelings to make them mean something about you.

You’ve carried the thoughts, beliefs or feelings that you’re not good enough, unworthy, undeserving, you’re nothing special, you’re inauthentic or you're not trustworthy.

You think that money has some kind of special power and you’ve unconsciously placed it on a pedestal.

You let yourself believe that you’re stuck at a certain income level or price point, or earning potential.

You stay chained to the thought that receiving more is about working harder, going against your natural flow state, pushing against the Universe who wants to shower you with more.

All of this is a vicious, toxic cycle that must end now.

The time has come for women like you, all across the globe, to fully understand your true inner powers, to bring them to the surface and right out into the light.

To truly honour who you are as a woman, incarnated and born to create.

To give birth to and allow an abundant avalanche of gifts, opportunities, money, impact, clients and so much more as your daily experience.

This work can not wait. I repeat, this work can not wait.

Every choice point you now make impacts EVERYTHING in your life and business going forward.

You must choose the bridge that you want to build and lead others along. This bridge is taking you away from the old world into the new paradigm for your life's path. 


  • Can you imagine unapologetically receiving more?

  • Can you actually claim and remain in your power no matter what?

  • Do you desire to be a clean, clear channel to receive?

If your Higher Self is screaming YES, YES I'M READY;

I invite you to join HEIRESS, a 5-day deep dive into receiving.

Heiress is the woman who knows her worth, owns her power and stays switched on to receiving.

This 5-day immersion will attune you to the frequency of receiving. You will become a clean, clear channel to receive.

There are over 5 hours worth of content, video trainings, meditations and homework prompts to dive into upon payment.

Your life will never be the same again.

Everything inside Heiress is of the highest light frequency possible. You will feel it. You will innately know it. You will walk, talk and think differently because of this work.

This is not mindset work. This is SOUL WORK.

Click here for all the Heiress details, payment plans and everything you need to know.

If you have any questions please contact us here.