Lynne Taggart

Journal – Work

Increase your personal power, your potency and your magic.


There’s an underlying energy that’s absolutely necessary to succeed in life and business and that is owning your personal power.

Think about those times in your life where there was a situation or person and you felt triggered, hurt or stressed because of it.

It’s likely that you can now see the places where you were out of your power.

Where you felt the need to defend yourself, or blame or perhaps even withdraw and seclude yourself.

These are responses that occur because you have let that circumstance or person take your power.

It’s not wrong or bad, it’s simply who you were at that point in time.

I know that throughout my journey I’ve witnessed myself and clients react to things and people. Rather than look within, to get to the root of why this is being mirrored to us from the Universe.

A mantra that I continue to live by is this...
“This is happening for me. How can I now grow?” 

Meaning that everything just is, and we can use it as an opportunity to gain, rather than lose personal power.

Inside a brand new program, Superpower, I’ll be teaching you about your personal power.

You are the CEO.

You are wealth.

You are success.

You are your results.

It’s ALL you.

This is a deep dive into YOU to increase your personal power, your potency and your magic.

Everything you desire is in you right NOW. 

I’ll teach you everything I’ve learned, healed and embodied energetically, spiritually and physically to own my power.

You’ll see it for yourself. Your inner power. 

This will change EVERYTHING in your life and business.

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