Lynne Taggart

Journal – Healing

Nature's Abundance


My most used analogies always relate to nature. Nature is such a power statement, with Mother Earth literally housing all our energies and emotions in her arms.

The endless caregiver, nature cycles from season to season, replenishing us through her abundance.

We only have to look upwards into the skies to remember we are a very small part of a huge Universe.

Especially when it seems like life is happening to us or we’ve been thrown a curveball.

Best ways to connect to nature

As a child, I would lie in the long grass in the field between the forest and our house, staring up into the clouds, in awe of the vastness around me. As an adult I craved this feeling time and time again. The emotion of freedom that nature helped me connect to was truly transformational.

Here are some of the best ways to connect to nature:

Go for a meditative walk

Forget thumping the pavements, counting calories or steps and trying to get your heartbeat up. I strongly suggest you take yourself on a meditative walk, where you walk with the intention to notice what’s around you. 

Try to find somewhere like a park, forest or trail where nature surrounds you. As you walk, notice your senses awaken. There may be new smells, sounds of birds, different hedgerow, animals or flowers that you notice or a deeper presence within you.

Consciously being aware of nature helps you to get out of your head and into your body. Use your walk to de-stress, unwind and slow down. Allow yourself to awaken more to the healing nature of Mother Earth.

Ground your energy

Grounding your energy simply means reconnecting to Mother Earth. You can do this barefoot, planting your feet into the earth, grass, sand or water and allowing your body to connect to the stillness and feel yourself being held. Breathing deeply through the body facilitates this practice. 

If you don’t fancy being barefoot, imagine that you are and that the soles of your feet are connected to Mother Earth. It can be just as powerful.

Between the soles of your feet and the core of Mother Earth is an imaginary energetic string. Using your breath, breathe in right from the core of the Earth and receive her healing energy.

Breathe out and send anything you're releasing into Mother Earth. Imagine transmuting this into a beautiful flower like a rose. Establishing this powerful connection is key. 

Grounding your energy is great if you are feeling overwhelmed, scattered or exhausted.

Relax outdoors 

I know this is a tricky one for many high achievers who are used to being busy, but sitting outdoors to relax can have a profound healing affect. 

This could be time outdoors reading a book, writing in your journal, doing some yoga or playing with your pets. Ideally, it’s somewhere green! 

In this shift of context and stillness, you can receive intuitive downloads and inspired action that noisy, cluttered spaces do not support.

Maybe you start with five minutes a day and build this up , just as often as is comfortable and establish an outdoors ritual in your life.

Boost your power

Visit the sea if you’re looking to feel more powerful. There’s nothing like walking along the beach and hearing the crash of the waves against the shore.

Water is symbolic of flow and emotions moving through the body. If you’re feeling stuck, spend some time at the ocean and you’ll feel a shift in your body and your power returning. 

If you don’t live near the sea, find some flowing water, maybe a river, and tune into the water and it's flow of energy. As you become one with the water, you’re opening yourself up to more flow in your life.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. —Albert Einstein”

Find what works for you and your journey into nature, as there’s no right or wrong here. Feel into the seasons, pay attention to what you notice, which season you prefer and how each one can serve you and your life.