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Investing In Your Personal Transformation Is Key To Your Freedom


Investing in your business is the no-brainer entrepreneurial thing to do.

Back in 2007, I was in my twenties and I had to invest tens of thousands of pounds into designer clothing before I ever opened the doors to my brand new fashion retail business. When I was signing purchase orders ahead of time for the stock to be delivered six months later, it felt both terrifying and exciting.

There were also shop fittings, mannequins, hangers, computers, an electronic tagging system, banking facilities and so much more that had to be purchased in order for this to be a shop and a viable business. There was a complete shop unit demolition and renovation with many contractors to pay.

There were considerable investments made before I had ever opened the doors, sold anything or had any return on investment.

And, there were absolutely no guarantees any of it would work.

My dream was to support customers to find fashion and accessories that they HAD TO HAVE in their wardrobe. My passion for fashion was obvious, impressive and alluring. I knew the business would do well. I felt that this would literally be “the answer to people’s prayers’’.

I led with nothing but trust, courage and resilience and my business became a huge success, both as a brick and mortar company and an online shop.

After 8 years I intentionally wound down the business to become a stay-at-home mum, emotionally burdened with guilt at hardly ever seeing my young children. Life was busy. I had juggled marriage, pregnancy, children and running a company at the sacrifice of my physical and emotional wellbeing.

My desire to feel better within myself was so strong that I began to Google ‘how to meditate’ and was catapulted right back to the soul-searching I was familiar with.

This was a huge shift away from doing what was expected of me.

Throughout my teenage years and early twenties I felt that I had to do what was expected of me. Expectations that my school, university, employers, my parents and society had unconsciously projected onto me. Do well at school. Get a weekend job. Go to university. Graduate. Apply for all the jobs. Be independent. And so on, were the expectations that felt heavy and soul-sucking.

Following my soul to open my fashion retail business and quitting a very well paid project management role in the health trust, was truly when I first consciously began breaking the bonds of expectation.

I knew what I didn’t want, which was to be stuck in a job with a glass ceiling on my income, potential and opportunity to thrive.

To this day I believe that I was being divinely guided to awaken to limitless potentialities and opportunities that my soul said yes to when she came to earth.

I felt energetically lighter and emotionally happier when I was tapping into my soul, honoring my desires and taking inspired action towards my highest vision.

I asked big questions of the divine. “Why was I really here?” “What was my soul’s purpose?” “How can I be financially independent?” and “How can I serve others?”.

Let’s be clear there was no lightning bolt of clarity or inspiration.

Soul’s guidance was super subtle. Being in a space to receive it was key. I created this through daily morning meditation that set me up for the day.

It wasn’t that I would receive guidance during meditation, but the meditation prepared me to be a clear channel to receive whatever was meant for me.

I would be in the shower, driving in the car or out for a walk when I would hear, feel, see or know my next steps or feel inspired with an idea.

The more I began to live this way, the better my life became.

I no longer felt shackled to a way of existence that trapped my soul.

But back to this point I mentioned at the beginning, “investing in your business is the no-brainer entrepreneurial thing to do.” To me this was a masculine process, meaning, I was selling products, therefore I needed to buy products to sell.

However, when it comes to investing in you, it is an entirely different state of affairs.

Investing in you will not produce a physical tangible thing making it more difficult to place value or return on immediately. For this reason it requires mountains of trust that investing in you is the right most aligned next step for you.

This is not a logical or masculine decision, it is one that the divine places in your heart that can not be made sense of by your head. This is feminine energy intuitive guidance.

In the beginning your transformation will come at a cost. I know you may not like reading this but stick with me.

A physical cost.

An emotional cost.

And a spiritual cost.

Meaning quite simply this, in order to transform within yourself, there are parts of you that energetically must be released from you, so that you can live according to your soul.

Imagine that you have lost weight, you have an entire wardrobe full of clothes that no longer fit, therefore your transformation has cost you these clothes.

It’s exactly the same with inner transformation, the old beliefs, energies and emotions can no longer be supported with who you become on the other side of your personal transformation.

It’s highly likely that as you shed everything that isn’t your truth you will one day look in the mirror and barely recognise who’ve you’ve become, in the best way possible.

I’ve had many women tell me on the other side of our work together that they’ve seen themselves in an entirely new light, that others in their lives have mirrored back to them their incredible beauty and that they’ve experienced spiritual moments during photoshoots where their true power was innately felt and captured for the first time ever.

I live for these stories and testimonials.

Even though investing in you should and can not truly be justified or explained to the masses, to your accountant or to your board of directors, it will hands-down be the best investment you ever make.

In my opinion all women should invest in their personal transformation to untangle everything that has been dumped on them unconsciously, generationally, karmically or from others.

We are not here to be burdened. We are creatures of distinct and absolute beauty that deserve to be revered and to respect ourselves so that we rekindle our true sovereignty.

We are as a collective now at a point in time where women are consciously willing to shine the torch on their shadows and wounds, so that they reclaim their personal power, their energetic boundaries and value their worth.

Having spiritual guidance and higher consciousness mentorship to bring about inner transformation is the new normal.

Just as the High Priestess would sit confidently on her throne in her temple, and the men came from all over the country to consult her and ask for her guidance and her permission, this part of you longs to be revived.

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