Lynne Taggart

Journal –

Inner Richness and Soul Knowing


The more I began to lead myself from my soul, the easier my role on Earth became.

There were times that I followed other people who led me, in some aspect of work or life, and even though this served me at the time, I still searched for more.

This search continued, usually outside of me, looking for deeper leadership that would resonate more.

Until I finally accepted that what was within felt the most aligned. The within I refer to here is soul.

Soul is that all-knowing, highest truth, part of us that holds powerful insights, wisdom and guidance.

True inner richness resides within the soul.

The closer I allowed myself to be at one with my soul, and listen to this guidance, the more I felt aligned with the life I was leading myself through.

It’s one thing meditating, receiving, knowing your soul, and it’s a whole other vibe to share what you know from within with others.

What will they say? Will they critique me? How can I trust myself more? Are just a few of the common thoughts that we need to work through. No matter what level you’re at!

In learning how energy works and being willing to heal myself, I began to cultivate big energies, like confidence, trust, self-empowerment.

Having this soul basis to my work was foundational in my growth and lighting the way for others.

It was less about the what or the how and more about what my energy was telling me or what my soul wanted to heal.

As I showed up to deep inner soul work, my outer world transformed.

I was naturally attracting like-minded souls, women who desired a similar deep inner soul connection.

Women who’d for years been searching outside of themselves for answers or leadership. That inwardly struggled with self-trust, confidence and doubt, despite living a very beautiful life.

And those who felt the call to live from their soul, seeing beyond their current reality, towards a lighter, higher path for their life.

If this is you, or you feel a soul-call to evolve further, I invite you to join The Initiation, a powerful, foundational energy and healing training. We begin September 2021.

With very limited seats, I urge you to jump in and not to wait until the last minute, but to trust yourself with journeying deeper within.