Lynne Taggart

Journal – Work

I want all women to feel complete inner freedom no matter how successful they are.


In a recent conversation with my mentor, I said this;

“I want all women to feel complete inner freedom no matter how successful they are.”

Having helped many women, I’ve been privy to the cost of their success.

Can you relate to any of this?

  • Feeling responsible for others, your clients, your team and even your family which relies on you for their resources.

  • Feeling like you’ve outgrown your clients, your friends or even your family, leaving you feeling isolated, guilty or spiritually lost.

  • Feeling emotionally depleted, perhaps even anxious or stressed, spinning many plates as the CEO of a growing company.

  • Missing time to master you and your inner game. After all, you know you’re your biggest asset.

Without you being top of your game, success is meaningless.

As a woman who’s highly gifted and co-creating your masterpiece in the world, it’s your birthright to give yourself what you need, energetically, emotionally and spiritually as much as possible.

So that when you’re in your company serving, you’re giving your fullest potential.

The standard you set for yourself matters and it requires minimal effort when we work together.

I help you to clear energy, release emotions, heal and replenish from your soul.

As the heart heals, new desires are born and heightened energy can flow between your desires and your potential, supporting you to manifest more with no more effort than what's necessary.

This means that new beliefs form, patterns are interrupted and old identities dissolve, as they're no longer able to be sustained by your new energetic frequency.

All of a sudden you will feel the grandeur of your work.

You’ll remember WHY this is in your soul and what success actually means to you.

There will be surges of wealth creation and income that land you more aligned clients, opportunities and collaborations because you do this work.

The low energetic frequencies and feelings do not have to be part and parcel of being successful.

However, you have work to do to release the old and to make room for the new.

You deserve to be free of energetic toxicity, emotional conditioning, unhealed wounds or ancestral patterns.

Your inner freedom is paramount to your next level of wealth and impact and your success being sustainable.

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