Lynne Taggart

Journal – Healing

Healing helps to get to the root of where you need to be nourished, in order to sustain growth and build further.


There have been several times that I’ve been internally going through a season of healing and I’ve wanted to let go of my company completely.

Whilst knowing that this was also an invitation to rise, the Taurean in me dug in my heels and kept going.

Every time it comes back to this, why am I doing what I do?

I help women heal deeply because living a full happy life of desires and freedom matters most to me. Inner wealth and outer wealth are paramount.

I’ve seen many women build success because they wanted greater fulfillment in life.

They also desired the lifestyle that gave them the freedom to be creative and drive a mission so big it would change an entire generation of people.

They wanted to feel purposeful, to personally evolve and to find deeper meaning in the world.

The entrepreneurial path is this and more for many women.

However, there is also a point where none of it makes any sense.

Where you’ve built the ark but the people have left, or don’t come with you.

Where the foundations are firmly in place but suddenly you want to demolish and renovate everything.

Or the complete external architecture looks incredible but the interior (you) is lacking finesse.

Here’s what I know about this season

  • It’s not a time to give up on your dreams or to launch anything new.

  • It’s an invitation into you, into deeper healing and assessing your truth and your core values in life and business.

  • It’s an opportunity to go back to why you do what you do and if it no longer lights you up, to dig in further.

What else is calling you?

What would excite you more?

What vision is trying to cut through the fog to reach you?

When, like me, it’s not just about you, but your team members, your monthly contractors, your investments, your commitments and your future, are you actually prepared to do the internal work to shift?

Having supported many women going through transformation, healing is absolutely necessary.

Healing helps you to manage the sadness, the grief, the pain or the fear and doubt that arises as you realize you’re being called into MORE.

Healing helps to get to the root of where you need to be nourished, in order to sustain growth and build further.

It’s not always about adding more to your plate, but about taking away the low frequency tasks, responsibilities, offerings or commitments that once worked, but that no longer align with your highest vision.

If you’re a company owner, who feels like there’s more for you to rearrange internally or that you want to heal some of the things that keep coming up for you, then please reach out to me.

I’d love to start a conversation with you about how I can support your healing journey.