Lynne Taggart

Journal – Energy

Freedom Lifestyle


Freedom is often associated with money, material possessions or circumstances. However, the emotional feeling of freedom isn’t something that is created outside of ourselves; it comes from within.

Freedom is an emotion with its own energetic frequency. But it’s not always easy to tap into this feeling. Pressure from life, family or work can bring about the opposite feeling. Living unconsciously or living by default would suggest that freedom is missing.

In my years as a mentor, growing a business from home, I've had to make conscious decisions towards freedom. Soon it became my spiritual assignment and I tapped into the power of the divine to assist me.The results were simply incredible. Instead of looking outside myself to feel free, I began to look deeper within my energy.

Energy holds clues. When you can lean into and master both the energy and emotional field, you take back your power. As I stepped into my sovereign divine role, it allowed me to feel the vibration of FREEDOM more often. I recognised where I wasn’t feeling free and became more deeply aligned with my energy. The root causes were a series of things, not just one aspect. But I took control of myself, my thoughts, my feelings and my emotions and decided to make more conscious choices.

Someone who is vibrating freedom will attract more freedom, based on universal principles. If you're someone who craves deep inner freedom or feels stifled by her lifestyle, then please know you can change all of this.

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