Lynne Taggart

Journal –

Finding Freedom


Freedom comes from knowing your higher self and feeling this connection.

The illusive freedom myth seed gets planted within us at an early age. Usually when things around us prevent the feeling of freedom from being attained.

Freedom can feel like a distant dream creating a disparity from reality and that burning desire for freedom, pushing it into later years of retirement or a certain wealth level.

This conditioning of pushing freedom away perpetuates a cycle of being limited by something or feeling trapped physically, emotionally or spiritually.

There have been many times in my life I’ve felt this pressure and unconsciously been denying freedom.

Like when I worked in a managerial role in an office in my early twenties, I felt anxious and sick, craving physical freedom, not knowing this would be the driving factor why I became a company owner at a young age. Or continually wanting to run away when my emotional body felt sensitive to energy, automatically going into fight or flight mode every time there was a difficult situation or experience.

I’ve witnessed others want to give up on their entire life plan, soul purpose or divine gifts because breaking through years of emotional suppression was the hardest experience they’ve gone through. Only to be massively fulfilled and completely in alignment on the other side.

So how do we attain freedom?

I see this energetically, with freedom being held inside a healed and open heart, and nurtured by the essence of your truth, knowing your higher self and trusting her to lead you towards the feeling of being free.

It’s a harmonious symphony of physical, emotional and spiritual aspects that you embody to create richness within and around you.

The key piece to all of this is that you create freedom. Every choice, move or action that you make, must align with your highest vision of what your soul already knows freedom to be.

You are becoming a match for the freedom imprint, you decided, as a child or as a soul, to instil. This is why when you don’t feel free, in your life or business, you feel overwhelmed, frustrated or discouraged. Because it’s not your truth.

When you are energetically aligned with your unique freedom imprint, your action is more likely to bring about freedom, rather than push it away.

To begin your freedom journey, join me inside our dedicated sacred space, Voilà Lounge.