Lynne Taggart

Journal – Healing

Feel More


Did you know that your emotions are your internal guidance system that show you how in or out of alignment you are in any situation? There are a range of emotions that you can feel. Anywhere from fearful, depressed, or sad, to bored, hopeful or content right up to happy, free or joyful.

When you look at small children, you’ll notice them go from the bottom of the scale to the top of the scale quickly. A tantrum can turn into joy in seconds.Yet for most women, at some point during our life experience, we’ve lost this ability to feel. It can also be difficult to determine which emotion you’re actually feeling.

As crying children we’re told to be quiet. If we’re angry, we are called crazy. Our innate fears are suppressed and grief is buried. Feeling less emotion is the norm. The truth is that emotions are healthy, regardless of whether they are good or bad. 

Being consciously aware of which emotion you feel, and the trigger for it, brings you into greater alignment when you learn to navigate the emotional scale. The emotional scale is simply an array of emotions, with negative emotions at the bottom, moving up into positive emotions.

A negative emotion tells you that something is vibrationally off and you can trace it back to uncover the trigger and the root of it. Ask yourself: Why do I now feel this way? Usually if something or someone makes you feel worse, it’s out of alignment for your energy or you’re disconnected from your own inner being.

If you feel better, strong emotions like optimism, joy or happiness tell you the thing, experience or person is right for you. It indicates that you are in alignment and you’re allowing the whole of your inner being to be felt. Only you can tell how you feel at any moment. A quick check in with your emotions throughout the day will remind you to be consciously aware and help you to get more familiar with how you feel and why.

I love to journal around my emotions, not just when I feel bad but also when I feel happiest. Writing out the feelings helps me lock in the vibration so my point of attraction shifts more often. If you have fear around feeling your own emotions then make sure you have a safe space to allow them in or have someone else hold safe space for you to facilitate your journey.