Lynne Taggart

Journal –

Do you feel that you are on purpose?


The following will help you to understand the life force that runs through you and gives birth to your purpose.

The burning desire you have to be on purpose gets stronger over time and is what helps you feel heightened states of joy, freedom or bliss.

When stagnation occurs purpose is smothered and longs to be reignited, to allow your energy, visions and dreams to flow, towards what you’re creating.

When you're able to stay true to your path and walk through your life on purpose, momentum takes over.

Momentum is when physical and spiritual or universal aspects are both playing a role in bringing you the actual manifestation of your highest vision. There’s a strong feeling of you doing less and allowing more.

Purpose can shift over a lifetime as you can complete soul lessons or karmic cycles of a particular purpose. Your soul then directs you towards a new or evolved higher purpose for the next phase of your growth.

Usually as someone gains confidence, knowing and certainty around who they are and what they know it’s more obvious what their highest purpose is.

I know personally, running a company from a young age meant that I was skilled in many areas and could apply experience intelligently, but it wasn’t my purpose to teach others on these skills. They were what gave me the confidence I needed to create a global holistic company.

As I recognised this more, and released what I should do or what I could do. This allowed my highest purpose to come through.

In making space for more, I was shown a vision of supporting leaders to walk with both the spiritual and physical dimensions, so that they would know more of who they are and what they know.

This is what we work on in Voilà Personal Mentorship.

There are many aspects that my clients bring forward, personal, life or business and we go deep into the soul to bring them up into higher consciousness.

With this higher energy, a client can make more discerning choices, align even more powerfully with their highest purpose and find their most joyous path.

For those of you who prefer to work with me in person, Voilà Retreats are also available where we meet in a luxurious resort spa location and work together for the day.

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