Lynne Taggart

Journal – Healing

Dissolving The Ego To Reach Pure Frequencies


Before you post on social media, before you create content, before you write the email or speak, ask yourself this…

Am I coming from ego or from love?

This quick check in is required to remind you that non-ego energy is always pure.

Ego energy on the other hand is NOT pure.

It’s bumping up against unhealed energies.

Learn to FEEL the difference.

The work here is to continue to dissolve the ego, no longer giving it power so that the essence of pure love can flow through you.

When ego is still at play it simply means there’s healing needed to breakdown the parts of you that aren’t enough, that need external validation, that feel unworthy as is  etc.

When ego shows up, the key to dissolving ego is to witness it, ask questions to determine why you feel this way and what in you is being invited to heal. 

There’s such a fine line between ego and love that directly impacts success.

Ego attracts people, situations and events that align with ego.

Remember the quantum field is a mirror.

The antidote to ego is high frequency healing so love can flow. 

This is where magic happens. 

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