Lynne Taggart

Journal – Energy

Clearing Your Energy Field


In the same way that you would do a dietary cleanse or detox, your energy benefits from energetic clearing to help it to get rid of toxins that build up constantly.

Your energy field is a vast area that resides around you, and holds your energy and frequency within it.

If you're prone to absorbing energy and experiencing the feelings of others, commonly referred to as being empathic, you will easily soak up energy.

Unless you're superconscious of what you’re bumping up against, you will likely assume this is your own energy.

Imagine the process of osmosis, where particles move through a semi-permanent membrane, this is what the energy field operates like. Picking up what’s around it and absorbing that energy through the wall of the energy field. Energy from other people, from places, from situations - Positive and negative.

Negative energy feels heavy in the body and is associated with feeling low emotions.

Positive energy is the opposite, you’re likely to feel happy or joyful when your energy is clear.

Ideally you want a clean, clear energy field, so that in any given moment, you feel your energy and know exactly what is yours and why you feel the way you do.

Let’s use a real life experience. I used to go shopping and come home completely exhausted. I would blame the heat, the busyness of the shops or the fact that I’d been shopping for a few hours.

What was actually happening was that I was picking up energy everywhere I went. This overload of other people’s energy would bombard me and it would take me days to recover.

I had physical and emotional symptoms. Such as feeling exhausted, feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or even angry. On top of that, I wouldn’t be able to sleep because the energy was so intense. My entire physical experience was having a reaction.

Travel was another big energetic upheaval for me. Anytime I travelled I would end up with migraines, a sore stomach or feeling completely out of sorts. Everything was impacted. I was literally absorbing so much toxic energy from other people and places.

I recommend that you get to know your energy, learn to clear it regularly and protect it so you’re not available to be an energy sponge.

My favourite energy clearing practices are energy showers, using an essential oil intentionally and sageing with sage sticks.

Create a ritual for yourself around this practice so that you know it works. Rituals are powerful ways to anchor in intentions.

Just after meditation, begin your energy cleansing practice. Imagine being showered with a high frequency white light and ask for your entire energy field to be cleansed. Breathe gently throughout this process. You can allow the light to shower you energetically until you feel clear or feel a lightness to yourself.

You can additionally sage yourself or your physical space with high quality, ethnically cultivated white sage.
I also recommend Lemongrass oil which is incredibly clearing and can be diffused anywhere in your space.

Simply having greater awareness of your energy in any given moment, will help to bring you into living an energetically clean lifestyle.