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business growth May 23, 2024

I took two weeks off!

And I wish I had done it SOONER!

The only thing I did was show up and serve existing clients.

For years I've rattled on about filling your own cup and doing what makes you happy.

It was my time to do exactly this.

I felt myself no longer loving my daily routine, resisting change and feeling exhausted.

When I sat with this deeper I honestly just needed a break.

I haven't had a proper break since before I had kids. Even on holiday I was always working.

I've spent the last two weeks doing what I love most.

Meditating daily.

Going for long walks in the countryside.

Being outdoors and enjoying the sunshine.

Meeting friends. was pure bliss!

I know that as a business owner time-off is essential but often it's a NECESSITY and not a desire.

I highly encourage you to plan a day or two or even a week off before the kids finish their school year (if you're a mum) and just fill your own cup until it overflows.

During my break I kept receiving guidance around helping women more deeply and ways to emotionally support high achieving business owners.

Healing Sanctuary feels like the most aligned way to support you to deeply heal and truly THRIVE.

You feeling emotionally supported and performing at your best is paramount to every area in your life and business going GREAT, being in FLOW and being SUSTAINABLE.

Success comes from within and your emotional wellbeing matters the most.

Not just to you, but to those around you, your family and your clients.

When you feel stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, experience burnout or you've plateaued in your business you're not able to think, focus or act as your true powerful self.

So often we think it's something outside of us causing us to feel a certain way, when this is only a symptom of how you're thinking and feeling inside.

Healing Sanctuary is an opportunity to set aside one hour for YOU to fill your cup and become the best version of you.

During this private session with me, you can focus on yourself and what you need to THRIVE in the way you're meant to.


So many women are going for surface-level self-care and it's not working!

I love a good spa day but until you heal the root cause of what's under the surface, not much ever changes.

I'm here to stand for your complete whole wellbeing. starting within you.

Healing Sanctuary will help you to heal the root cause of what's holding you back from being the best version of you.

More powerful than life coaching or therapy, healing flows energy to where you need it most.

Book your Healing Sanctuary one-time private healing session here.


You'll be first in my Summer diary (where spaces are limited) and you can book one session or more if you like, at a very special rate.